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Now available for Fitbit
We are happy that in addition to apple and android watches you can now use My Row Counter also on your fitbit! Increase your counters easily from your wrist while working on your knitting or crochet project.
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New Charts Feature
We improved the existing charts tool and added a new feature! You can now transform images into pixel grid charts with custom colors and symbols. Create charts easily for your knitting and crochet stitch patterns, colorwork, tapestry and more! Find the charts tool in the tool section of the app.
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Live Chat
With the new live chat you can start discussing your favorite patterns, ask questions and make new friends while working on your project! Open the live chat in the community tab or directly on your knitting screen to start chatting with other users in real time.  

Row Counter for smart watch
Premium users can now control Row Counter from their Android smart watch. Choose your project and increase rows easily with your watch! This version of Row Counter is still in Beta and we'll add more features step by step.
You have an Apple watch? The app for watchOS 5 or above is already available! 
Find more information about Row Counter for smart watches here >

Charts Highlighter
Follow charts in your knitting or crocheting pattern easily with the new chart highlighter feature! This new highlighter can be linked to your counter and helps you keep track row by row! 

Row Counter on your computer
With Row Counter for Windows 11, you can enjoy all the familiar features of the mobile app on your computer! Install the app from the amazon appstore and use counters, highlighters and organize projects as usual! If you have premium all your projects will be synced automatically on all your devices!
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Will your yarn soon be reimbursed by your healthcare company?
Every yarn lover has experienced the positive effects of knitting and crocheting on the mind. A new study has now found that crochet could have even more health benefits than thought. 

Find new friends by location
With this new feature in the Community tab, you can find other users by location. Choose a location to find other users, connect and start chatting about your most recent project! You can change or disable the location at any time. Learn more >

Winter holiday photo contest
In December, we launched a photo contest in our App forum, where we asked our users to share photos of their favorite crocheted and knitted gifts. We were amazed by all the amazing and creative projects our users came up with! You can still find all photos and stories in the App forum.

Explore a new way to set up your counters with the assistant feature
The new assistant feature can help you to set up your counter and project settings, if you have trouble translating pattern instructions into counter settings. It guides you step by step and lets you enter pattern instructions as they are explained in your pattern, and it then creates the corresponding counters, reminders etc. 

Import patterns directly from your browser
Did you find a new online pattern while browsing blogs and websites? You can now import websites as patterns to the app directly from your browser.  Sharing a website from your browser will create a new project with this webpage or pdf as the pattern. 

Editing options for pattern photos
We have implemented new editing options if you choose to take a photo or take one from your camera roll to use as a pattern in a project. You can now crop and rotate the photos you want to use as a pattern before adding them to your project.

New swatch feature in your counter settings
Adding a swatch to your counter gives you the option to set reminders depending on specific lengths of your project. 

If you notice that the piece you are working turns out differently than the swatch given in you pattern, you can use the swatch adapter in the tools tab, to convert  measurements.

Display your counter over other apps with widget
You can now display Row Counter over other apps, e.g. to keep working on your projects while watching YouTube.
The feature is currently only available on Android devices (except Android Go) as iOS restrictions do not allow the widget at the moment.

Use the Pattern Creator from your desktop
The Pattern Creator is now also available from the web version of Row Counter. With the Pattern Creator you can create your own patterns with detailed instructions from your desktop. You can also use the Pattern Creator and work on your existing RC Patterns from the web version of Row Counter.

Daily, weekly & monthly stats available
Through tapping on your avatar on your profile screen you can now access your personal statistics. This lets you check and keep track of your daily, weekly and monthly activity. 

New feature to draw on patterns
Several users asked us to be able to draw notes on their patterns, to annotate charts and instructions in a more personalized way. This is now possible!
Just tap the pencil button, and start drawing. Your drawing can be transparent (perfect for highlighting pieces of text) or plain. 

Web pattern to PDF conversion
If you have imported a website as a pattern to your project, you can now convert it into PDF. This allows you to get rid of most popup/ads that the page contains, and you can use annotations & multi-lines highlighters.

New option for secondary counters
Your secondary counters can now be set to start at a given row of your global counter. You just need to specify it in the secondary counter settings
For those who like to configure everything before starting working on a project, we have added the possibility to activate secondary counters on a specific range of the Global Counter.  

Give a pattern 5 stars
You really liked an RC Pattern? You can give a rating, leave a review, and share pictures of your work on RC patterns to help other users and give feedback to the pattern designer. You can also check ratings, reviews, and pictures from other users while looking for your next RC pattern project. 

New Glossary in the tool tab
You can now check the glossary and search for specific abbreviations in English, German and French. You can also translate any description from one of these languages to another. The glossary is available online, too.
While creating a pattern with the app and adding a glossary to it, you can select abbreviations from our list of pre-defined knitting & crochet abbreviations.

Dark Mode available
Row Counter will be in Dark Mode by default when your phone is also in Dark Mode.
You can disable it anytime in the settings. 

Options for organizing your projects
The 3 grey dots above your projects open a menu where you can organize and filter your projects according to your preferred criteria.
You can also now organize your projects into folders and keep everything tight and organized! 

Multi-lines Highlighter
We have added a new highlighter option. You can now highlight parts of your pdf, choosing between several highlight colors.  This allows you customized highlighting of your pattern. Perfect to highlight e.g. the instructions corresponding to a specific size!

Make your own patterns with the Pattern Creator
 You can now create knitting and crocheting patterns in a few clicks, directly from your phone or tablet and add multiple images and videos to your instructions.
Create charts easily, using our pre-defined symbols or make your own!
Finish it up and share your pattern as a PDF or as a link.