Will your yarn
soon be reimbursed by your healthcare company?

A new study found that even a short crocheting session has a positive effect on your brain that increases information exchange between brain areas, improves attention and orienting. The study, supported by the Italian Ministry of Health, states:

“Our results provided for the first time that crochet is associated with an increase in the attentional networks, and namely in alerting and orienting networks, paving the way for the use of textile-related arts in the neurorehabilitation [..]”

But this is not the only health benefit that has been linked to knitting and crocheting. Here are more 3 more reasons why crafting is good for your health:

Knitting and crochet are your yoga?
Crafting does show similar effects on your brain as it reduces stress and anxiety. Relaxed and repetitive motions can help calm down your thoughts and your body. So keep counting those rows!

It keeps your brain young!
Knitting and crochet can postpone age-related memory loss that comes with age as the repetition of complex patterns stimulates the brain to stay active.

Create your own happiness!
In addition to a beautiful handmade piece, finishing a project is also mentally rewarding and creates a sense of autonomy and purpose. Time to get out the box of WIPs and finish them!

Knitting and crochet have many benefits for your brain and mental health. It might be a long way until your healthcare will pay your bill for the pile of new yarn. But next time you find yourself in the yarn store, pick up your needles, or continue counting your rows, congratulate yourself on doing something for your well-being and health.