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Counter Features

Explore all the main functionalities of your row counters. Learn how to set up your Global and Secondary counters, import patterns, how to use highlighting and drawing tools, and more! Discover with step by step explanations the features and settings on your knitting/crochet screen in your project.

App features

Explore features of the app outside of your project! Learn how to visualize motives with the Chart Tool, organize your yarns in a digital stash, connect with fellow yarn lovers through Social Features, and use Row Counter on your Smart Watch!

How to configure counters

You are not sure how to set up your counters best for your pattern? Here you can find examples of pattern instructions and ways to set up your global and secondary counters accordingly! 

App tutorial videos

Watch short tutorials about the app and its main features, how to set up your counters and the Pattern Creator!

Knitting tutorials

Whether you are just starting your knitting journey or just need a reminder, here you can find free knitting tutorials for basic knitting stitches and techniques. Grab your needles and follow along!

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