App Features

You will find here a step-by-step on how to use some of the main features of the app. 


Global Stash

Add Global Stash to the app by tapping the small white woolball icon on your profile
You can add Needle and Yarn Stash

Import from Ravelry

If you already entered your stash on Ravelry, you can import it directly to the app.

Create Stash

If your stash is not on Ravelry, you can create it in the app. You can search for your yarn on Ravelry to import automatically all yarn details, instead of entering it manually

Assign Stash to a project

Doing a long tap on your project, you can access its details. There, tap on See Yarn or See Needles to add stash to it.

Select or Create Stash

If you already have stash in the app, just select it, otherwise you can from there create a new stash (tap create).

Indicate the amount you want to assign

You can assign part of the stash to the project. Select which unit you want to use (skein, meters...) and enter the amount. Then tap ok.

Charts Tool

Create chart 

From scratch or an image 

Find the charts tool on the bottom of the tools section in the tools tab. Select to make a chart from scratch or from an image.

Set up chart

Select your craft. Depending on your selection, the pre-made symbols for stitches will change.
Choose the name and dimensions of your chart, you can change this later on.

Use chart in a project

Import your chart to a project or Pattern Creator

To use your chart in a project, select the file icon to import a pattern. Select "Create chart" (left image) to create a new chart or use an existing one from the tool section.
You can also add charts from the tool section to the Pattern Creator by selecting a chart content and importing (right image)

Create chart from image

Transform an image into a chart

Choose a picture from your gallery or take a photo. Crop the picture to desired size and dimension. The tool will transform it into a pixel grid. 

Select colors

Choose colors for your chart 

By default, the tool will pick from these colors to recreate the image in the chart. Add custom colors from the color wheel by turning the black line and positioning the black circle. For better results, delete all unnecessary colors. You can still change colors later when you edit your chart. 

Fill chart with symbols

Prefill chart and create your own symbols

You can fill your chart with a stitch symbol from the list or by creating a custom symbol.
To add a custom symbol, specify the dimensions of your symbol, create a symbol by filling the grid and give it a name.

Edit chart

Fill cells with colors and symbols

See your current selection of stitch and color on the bottom of the edit screen. You can fill single cells by selecting the pen icon and tapping the respective cells. Fill larger areas by selecting the bucket area and tapping into the area to fill. 

Select colors and stitches

Choose from pre-made symbols or your own

Tap the blue plus to select new stitch or color. Scroll to the end of the pre-made symbols to see custom stitches or create a new symbol. Search key words for stitches with the search bar. 

Settings and preview

Zoom, chart size, preview

With the icons on the top of your chart you can zoom in/out or preview your chart. Enter the settings to change the name and number of rows/columns of your chart. 

Social features

Find friends

by username or location

In the Community tab you can view and add friends on the app. Tap "Find new friends" and choose a location to find other users. You can change or disable the location at any time. Tap "Add friends" to find users by e-mail or username.

Share projects

with friends

Share projects with friends by clicking the share icon. Select a project from your list of projects and a friend.


Discuss your latest project

Find the chatroom in the Community tab or directly on your knitting screen. Drag it to your desired size, hide it or leave it to close the chat window in your project. 

Smart Watch

Use counters on your smart watch

For Android and Apple Watches

Control your counters with your smart watch. 
Find a guide how to enable your watch in the Tool tab.

For Apple Watch

Download for Apple watch supporting watchOS5 and higher. Download here >

For Android Watch

For Android watches compatible with WearOS, download the app to your watch and enable it in the general settings of the app on your phone. Download here >

For fitbit Sense or Versa 3

Control counters on fitbit 

To download and use the My Row Counter on fitbit, open the fitbit app on your phone, select device and open the Gallery to manage apps.

Download and manage

Access My Row Counter through the fitbit app

Open the tab "Apps" to download My Row Counter to your fitbit. To use the app, open My Row Counter in the list under the first tab "Sense/Versa". To log in and select projects, open "settings".

Login and select projects

Choose project to be displayed on your fitbit

Log in with your My Row Counter account details. Then you can select and change the project you want to display on your fitbit. Open the app on your fitbit to start counting rows!

Seller Mode

Seller Mode

Activate for more project options

Turn on Seller Mode in the general settings (My Projects tab) and specify currency and hourly rate. Now you will have access to seller options in your project settings.

For Sale options

Edit selling information in project settings

In the settings of a project you can mark it as For Sale to add costs and customer details and set a price. 
The Time spent cost is calculated automatically depending on the hourly rate you set and the time recorded with the timer of the project.  

Customer details and costs

Save customer details and calculate costs

You can add new customers manually or choose from a list of former customers you added in other projects before. 
Adding costs in the spent category helps you calculate overall costs and set a price. Your profit from the sale is displayed on the project settings page. 

More questions?

Find all information about the app in our Help Center