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Get inspired or learn something new with our knitting and crochet blog articles. Whether you're a seasoned artisan or just beginning your crafting journey, each article is a gateway to a universe of patterns, tips, and the joy of creating with yarn.
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Knitting articles


How to bind-off 

Have you ever wondered how to wrap up your masterpiece with finesse? Join us as we unravel the secrets of binding off, adding that perfect final flourish to your knitted creations!

Learn to knit

A Beginner's Guide to Knitting

You just picked up your needles for the first time? Then this comprehensive guide of foundational techniques is for you!
Let's dive into the essential stitches and methods in knitting.

Read knitting pattern

Read knitting patterns like a pro

Learn how to read knitting patterns, transforming confusing instructions into a roadmap for your next project. Discover tips and tools to understand and follow any knitting pattern easily!

Knit and Purl

Knit and Purl Stitch patterns

Learn how to knit different patterns with only two basic stitches! These free and easy stitch patterns are ideal for beginners by only using Knit and Purl stitches.

Needle size chart

Knitting needle and yarn gauge chart

Before starting a project it is essential to find the right knitting needle and a matching yarn. Find the perfect match for your needles and yarns.


PSSO (Pass slipped stitch over)

Learn step-by-step how to pass slipped stitch over in knitting. Follow our video tutorial and master this technique for your next knitting project!

Crochet articles

granny square

Granny Square Crochet

Learn how to make any granny square and get inspired by our selection of free patterns, and creative ways to incorporate these charming motifs into your crochet projects. 


Free amigurumi patterns

Originating from Japan, amigurumi involves crocheting small, Explore the world of amigurumi and browse a curated collection of  free patterns. Let the yarn magic begin!

Beginner patterns

Easy crochet patterns

You just started to crochet? Grab your hook and yarn and start crocheting with our free beginner patterns that not only build your skills but also result in delightful pieces.

granny square

Beginner Crochet Tips and Tricks

You are literally hooked on your new hobby? We have collected some essential tips and helpful tricks for crocheters at the start of their creative journey.


Why yarnwork is good for your health

Every knitter and crocheter knows how good it feels to create with yarn, but did you know that picking up your needles might actually improve your health in more than just one way?

easter crochet patterns

Easter patterns

Explore free and easy crochet patterns for easter and spring in our collection of seasonal patterns! Make a cute bunny plushie or brighten up your home with springtime crochet decor.

Funny crochet patterns

Funny crochet patterns

Find funny and quirky crochet patterns from our community for free here, including the famous positive potato pattern and some other hilarious projects.


Free Gnome crochet patterns

Discover free gnome crochet patterns, where quirky characters and colorful creations bring laughter and charm to your crafting adventures.

My Row Counter App

Discover all the features of our app for knitting and crochet

Explore free patterns, use highlighter and annotation features, keep track of your rows with
multiple counters and import patterns from any source.